Throughout my practice, I strive to create work that plays with legibility. I hope to push an audience to balance between looking and seeing; interpreting and re-interpreting an image formed by the series of manipulations made to the canvas. My interdisciplinary background has provided me with a strong passion for materiality. Throughout the creative process, I push myself to cooperate *with* my materials as opposed to simply *using* them. This careful attention to physical properties and forces is what brings my primary 2-dimensional designs an atmospheric quality, suggesting the sense of movement, distance, and light.

Aquvii, Tokyo Japan

Light, Pooled
Solo Show

December, 2021

HACO Gallery, Brooklyn NY

On The Other Side
Group Exhibition

September, 2021

Sandcastle Collective, NYC

NYC: A Love Letter
Group Exhibition 

November, 2020

Cooler Gallery, Brooklyn NY

Solo Show

September, 2020

VSOP Projects + Cooler Gallery, Greenport NY

Group Exhibition

February, 2020

ICON Design Magazine

The Graduation Show
Print Issue

September, 2019

Cooler Gallery, Brooklyn NY

Group Exhibition

September, 2018